Couple Therapy

When there is turmoil in your relationship, when love fades, or when you question your relationship’s future, couple therapy can help you progress and break through deadlocks.

CCCF psychologists offer couple therapy services for couples experiencing various difficulties: frequent conflicts, communication difficulties, distancing, sexual difficulties, infidelity, occasional difficulties associated with a life event, difficulties managing a reconstituted family, etc. Although several couples consult with the aim of improving their relationship, several others start the process in order to take stock of their relationship and make a decision about its future. In addition, others consult when a decision to separate has been made, either to facilitate acceptance or to be accompanied in the family transition. During the assessment, spouses are invited to express their wishes and expectations in relation to the process. In a therapeutic process undertaken as a couple, the psychologist adopts a neutral position and seeks to understand the needs and experiences of each partner in the relationship. The therapist helps the partners to understand and then modify their dynamics and integrate new strategies to better manage their difficulties. The psychologist helps spouses move in a common direction, even if partners sometimes have different visions of their difficulties and needs.