Articles, Podcasts and Talks

Beyond psychotherapy, conferences, articles and podcasts allow CCCF psychologists to share advices and food for thoughts to a wider audience.

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Spoken words fly away, written words remain: CCCF psychologists publish texts on various issues related to couple relationships or other topics of interest in psychology. These articles published on various platforms nourish your knowledge and invite you to reflect through reading.

Articles about the couple:


Covering various topics relating to couple relationships or mental health in general, CCCF psychologists share their knowledge with you in audio format.


Some psychologists at the CCCF clinic offer public conferences on various topics relating to couple relationships or mental health in general. These conferences can be held in schools, companies, community organizations or even virtually to target a large audience. In a language that is accessible to everyone, CCCF psychologists share useful concepts to observe how you act in relationships, to encourage individual and relational questioning, and to understand your habits, or they present strategies to improve your well-being. The topics covered during the conferences or workshops are varied and can be adapted to your needs, such as couple communication, adolescence, parenthood, self-esteem, anxiety, alcohol and drug addictions. Contact us to discuss your needs and topics of interest.

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