Family Therapy

Families face a lot of challenges at every stage of their lives. When you experience ongoing conflicts or discomforts, it may sometimes be necessary to involve several family members in therapy in order to restore communication and resolve deadlocks.

A CCCF psychologist offers specialized family therapy services for families with children aged ten and older. Sometimes a state of uneasiness, discomfort or recurring conflicts cannot be understood or solved from the perspective of one person, but it is possible to better approach the issue from a more global perspective, that of the family. By using a communicative approach, the family therapy process makes it possible to identify, clarify and reformulate the rules and expectations that define the family, in order to re-establish more satisfactory and harmonious interactions. Family therapy meetings take different formats, ranging from sessions where only two people are present to sessions where the complete family is involved. Family therapy allows families to regain a non-threatening, stable and balanced dynamic.