Family Mediation

When you go through a separation and children are involved, the situation can lead to a lot of suffering and negotiating. Mediation offers a neutral space to exchange and reach an agreement.

As an alternative method of conflict resolution, family mediation offers couples that have decided to part ways a professional, voluntary and impartial accompaniment to optimally reorganize their family. In other words, how will the family’s life evolve under two separate roofs and with each parent?

The decision to separate is often experienced as a life trauma accompanied by psychological distress for adults as well as their children. The decision to separate is just the first of a long list of transformations and amicable negotiations regarding parental responsibility issues (e.g., time sharing of children), financial responsibilities (e.g., support payments) as well as the complex division of assets and debts cumulated during the couple’s life together. For more information, go to or